Lifted Literary Longings

There’s a dude named Hank Shaw who’s a kinda famous writer. I’m not him. Famous Hank Shaw is a well-known chef/author/forager who describes himself on his blog “Hunter Angler Gardener Cook” ( thusly:

“I write. I fish. I dig earth, raise plants, live politics and kill wild animals. I drink bourbon, wear seersucker or Wranglers with equal aplomb and wish I owned a farm. But most of all I think daily about new ways to eat anything that walks, flies, swims, crawls, skitters, jumps – or grows. I am the omnivore who has solved his dilemma.”

Nope. I’m definitely not him. Except for the bourbon drinking part. Shout out to the fine folks at Maker’s Mark. Feel free to send me some product. And seersucker? For real? I wear a RevIt Outback armored jacket and Klim riding pants. With aplomb, too, I think.

Famous Hank Shaw writes cookbooks, is a James Beard Award winner for his great food blog (check out “Squirrel Stew with Paprika and Greens” — I kid you not), contributes to many cooking sites and has almost 13,000 followers on Twitter. Which is about 12,995 more followers (@hankshaw) than I have.

Famous Hank Shaw seems like a cool guy. I admire his passionate and informative writing style. I might even try some of his game recipes one of these days, short of the the squirrel pie thing, or whatever.

I also admire Tom Milan’s writing ability. As introduced in an earlier hankwentthataway post, Smoothtah, Tom is the unofficial, unelected leader of our Adventure/Dual Sport riding group, the Smooth Crew. Tom is a wise-y, sage-y, wisdom-y kind of guy. And even though Tom tried to kill me a couple of rides back, he produces a great blog about his riding exploits including the Smooth Crew’s most recent two-day ride in the Mojave Desert area near the almost non-existent town of Garlock and the very existent town of Randsburg.

While I would never lift someone else’s literary efforts without “express written permission” (as they say in the fine print, whoever “they” are) I’m kinda lazy and have no problem posting a link to Tom’s blog so you can read about our adventure in the dez. Enjoy.

Travel safe. And often.




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