Stitched Kitty.

It’s the punchline to a story I can’t tell you. Really, don’t even ask. Or if you absolutely must, ask me privately and be prepared to be disappointed by the joke. But I think you’ll relate to how Stitched Kitty got to be a punchline. It was at the end of a story told by a good friend to a group of confidants. You know what I mean, right? The kind of folks you know well enough share a ribald and generally inappropriate story of someone else’s (or maybe your) misfortune without thinking twice about the audience. The kind of story that would make you wince if someone you didn’t know were to tell it in mixed company.

My point here? Friends and family are the things that make life great and have been, truly, the best part of our Chaptering adventure. Family — and people I know and love like family — have welcomed us into their homes, fed us, made us comfortable and told us wickedly funny stories. Some of which I can’t repeat.

We’ve seen many amazing sights along the road, both natural and man-made, but the best memories have always come from hanging out with family and friends.

Ch 3 route mapThe Chapter Three route map. I’m sending this post from Sudbury, Ontario. For the first part of the ride, I was too busy hanging out, drinking beer with friends and family to write. Since then, we’ve been riding like hell to get to Sudbury.

EverclearThey actually sell this shit out in the open at Walmart in Iowa. When I was in college at San Diego State, we’d smuggle it it in from Mexico under the back seat of a car. We’d mix it up in a trash can (no need to clean it first) with 7-Up, lime sherbet and dry ice. The result was called “Green Fog.” I probably could’ve been an astronaut if I had avoided Green Fog.

Iowa FairIt doesn’t get any cornier than at the Iowa State Fair. It it’s edible, they’ll fry it up and serve.

Left: Dee showing her farm-girl skills by milking an actual living cow. Right: The famous “Butter Cow” on display, which was the only thing refrigerated at the unbelievably hot fair that day. Heat Index of 109! WTF is a “Heat Index?”

Hazel on OrcaMy great-niece, Hazel, age 7, loves two things about motorcycles: riding ’em and going fast! I predict some gray hairs for my nephew in the coming years.

Stitched KittyThe Stitched Kitty insiders. That’s all I’m gonna say other than it’d make a cool name for a band.

Centennial BridgeI’d claim credit for this shot (technically I shot it), but “Mac” did the retouch. See his amazing work on FB here:

Jostes PizzaPartaking in pepperoni pizza at Papa’s Pizza, purveyors of perfect pies for pretty people. Yeah, we had a theme going…

Gould lunchGreat time catching up with sis-in-law, Joan, and family in Madison, WI. I changed the diapers on those two boys. Not lately, of course.

Orca and scooterIt takes all kinds to ride. Some big bike riders won’t give the “biker wave” to scooter riders, like they’re not legit. Nonsense. I don’t care what you’re riding, just that you’re riding. This scooter, which we saw in Pictured Rocks, MI, has a Georgia plate. That’s cool.

Pictured RocksPicture this: Pictured Rocks National Park, Michigan. The pristine water in Lake Superior is crystal clear.

Chamberlins 1Chamberlin’s Ole Forest Inn, Curtis, MI. Old-school (or should I say Ole-school?) B&B on the Michigan UP. Absolutely beautiful. Need more proof?

Chamberlins 2Okay. Sunset at Chamberlin’s.

A few more days and Chapter Three will be complete. Heading south tomorrow to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Final stop for Chapter Three (and Orca’s temporary home) is Buffalo, NY.

Adventure awaits…